Ver 4.b14

Welcome to the FlyBook demo...

This example is set up for an Aviation Group, but once you have defined your own Group the headings will change as appropriate... e.g. 'Rider' instead of 'Pilot' for an Equestrian Group.

You're now temporarily logged in as 'Demo Pilot', and apart from the demo name, you can make and cancel bookings like any normal member who has logged-in to their booking system. Feel free to try out anything you want, and to invite others to try it out and see if it suits your Group. This demo system clears itself once a day, so it is okay to experiment.


If you 'Create your own Permanent System' (above), you can:

- Specify your Industry: 'Aviation', 'Equestrian' etc so the headings are appropriate.

- Choose the time slots (1/2 hour or hourly),

- Specify the first and last time slot of the day,

- Add any number of your own facilities and instructors

- and generally set it up to suit your local needs.


About this system...

FlyBook is designed to be fast and easy to use, to handle bookings for many types of activity.

Headings for additional 'Industries' will normally be added at no charge, on request.

It is available for use by interested groups anywhere, except the USA where it is not available.
Any questions, comments or suggestions for improvement, please let us know:


Once you're on the page that shows the bookings,

click on the blocks...